A Summer of Scent

Nestled between the wind down of autumn and the sweet anticipation of spring sits summer. And not just any summer, but our very own Aussie summer. The kind that feels exhilaratingly new and nostalgic all at once. It’s the season of alfresco living – if it can be done outdoors, it will be.

Dining, drinking, sun-shading. While any time spent (regretfully) indoors is made to resemble this bright, fun and vibrant outside world. Home fragrances are therefore best served light, creating a mood that encapsulates our best summer selves.

For anyone who’s lived it, they recognise the completely inimitable feeling of spending day after day barefoot, skin sticky and hair wet, pivoting between the hot sand and the Ocean in a desperate effort to stay cool. With SEA SALT AND VANILLA notes flooding the air as the sea breeze meets rows of Tupperware filled to the brim with quartered nectarines and leftover Christmas cake that’s passed along to anyone within arm’s reach.

Tis the season of summer fruits after all. Zesty citrus varieties like PEAR AND LIME are pressed into juices and chopped into salads. The fragrance of freshly squeezed BLOOD ORANGE juice, stains the lips and invigorates the senses with a subtle tang, that cuts through the sweetness. And WATERMELON, sweet chin-dripping watermelon is practically a course of its own.

Barbeques are on constant rotation this time of year, serving up the suburbs with equal measures of smoke and nostalgia. Manicured lawns are accessorised with wild herb gardens, orange blossom and bursting beds of lavender and PATCHOULI. The lilac flowers hum from the dutiful army of bees that tend to them. NARCISSUS and FREESIA flowers colour the background in a rainbow of primary colours, admired by attending guests.

FRESH LINEN provides the unofficial uniform, brightened by the sun and still a little damp from the morning’s wash cycle. It smells as crisp as it looks, a blend of laundry powder and moss. On the street you pass freshly basked pavlova nests drying on neighbouring windowsills, as rookie bakers gaze wistfully out of their windows and chop ripe MANGO AND PAPAYA to sprinkle atop cream peaks. The air feels thick with humidity and smells rich with baked goods. Notes of VANILLA BEAN AND ALLSPICE float out from the kitchen, alongside giggles and classic favourites from the `60s.

These long days give in to even longer nights, sultry and fragrant from the nearby JASMINE AND MAGNOLIA trees. The heat has yet to subside, but everyone knows the southerly is due in any minute. And then with a burst of fierce air, the temperature drops abruptly, sending everyone indoors and offering some much-needed respite.